Wind Projects in the US (2012)

Longtime Mr. Greenbacks friend, reader, and rocket scientist Ryan made some interesting observations regarding US Energy By Source.  Here is some follow-up information on the Wind Industry.  Does anyone out there know what life is like near a large wind farm?  What is the long-term picture for jobs – not just installation, but maintenance as well?  How is the industry looking after the expiration of the 1603 TGP – is it still profitable? 

U.S. Wind Industry Fast Facts

Total U.S. Utility-Scale Wind Power Capacity, Through 1st Quarter of 2012:

48,611 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in 2011:

6,816 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in 1st Quarter of 2012:

1,695 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity Under Construction as of 1st Quarter of 2012:

8,916 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in Previous Years (including small-wind):


5,216 MW
10,010 MW
8,366 MW
5,258 MW

Number of States with Utility-Scale Wind Installations, 2011:


Number of States with over 1,000 MW of Wind Installations, 2011:


U.S. Wind Resource Potential, Onshore (Source: NREL):

10,400,000 MW

U.S. Wind Resource Potential, Offshore  (Source: NREL):

4,150,000 MW

Top 5 States with Wind Power Capacity Installed, through Q1 2012:


1. Texas
2. Iowa
3. California
4. Illinois
5. Minnesota

10,648 MW
4,419 MW
4,287 MW
2,852 MW
2,718 MW

1 thought on “Wind Projects in the US (2012)

  1. I look forward to all your articles! They are interesting, easy to read and understand, and make you think about all the possibilities for good sources of energy as well as some of the effects of poor energy policies that many countries have today.

    Keep the information coming!


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