Wind Projects in the US (2012)

Longtime Mr. Greenbacks friend, reader, and rocket scientist Ryan made some interesting observations regarding US Energy By Source.  Here is some follow-up information on the Wind Industry.  Does anyone out there know what life is like near a large wind farm?  What is the long-term picture for jobs – not just installation, but maintenance as well?  How is the industry looking after the expiration of the 1603 TGP – is it still profitable? 

U.S. Wind Industry Fast Facts

Total U.S. Utility-Scale Wind Power Capacity, Through 1st Quarter of 2012:

48,611 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in 2011:

6,816 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in 1st Quarter of 2012:

1,695 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity Under Construction as of 1st Quarter of 2012:

8,916 MW

U.S. Wind Power Capacity, Installed in Previous Years (including small-wind):


5,216 MW
10,010 MW
8,366 MW
5,258 MW

Number of States with Utility-Scale Wind Installations, 2011:


Number of States with over 1,000 MW of Wind Installations, 2011:


U.S. Wind Resource Potential, Onshore (Source: NREL):

10,400,000 MW

U.S. Wind Resource Potential, Offshore  (Source: NREL):

4,150,000 MW

Top 5 States with Wind Power Capacity Installed, through Q1 2012:


1. Texas
2. Iowa
3. California
4. Illinois
5. Minnesota

10,648 MW
4,419 MW
4,287 MW
2,852 MW
2,718 MW