US Energy by Source

I just found a cool graph on the EIA’s website that lays out the sources of the USA’s electricity generation.  The one downfall is that it does not take into account the 2 billion kilowatt hours of small-scale solar like residential rooftops.  Quite honestly, it wouldn’t alter the chart all that much considering the whole green section of this chart represents roughly 200 billion kWh.  Let me know what you think – are you surprised? do you want to learn more?  Hit me back.


3 thoughts on “US Energy by Source

  1. It’s surprising that renewable energy is actually already so close in generation percentage to nuclear. Considering the investment and risk of nuclear energy it shows how promising renewable energy can be. I know a large portion of that is hydropower but still we use ALOT of energy in this country. I wonder what the local economy is like close to large utility size renewable energy installations. Does it provide the quality long term job growth like it has avbeen advertised? Do the present companies have profitable balance sheets and what’s the outlook?

    • All good questions. I know there is going to be a strong need for solar maintenance jobs in the coming years from the boom in residential system installation. These systems will need to be maintained going forward to be kept in working order and I’m sure it will be a highly technical / good paying job. On a side note, I started researching the electricity production subsidies from 2010 – Nuclear took 21% of the total support and Renewables received around 56%. In the Renewables category – Wind and Solar accounted 42% and 8% of the total subsidies respectively. With that much money going to Wind, combined with the expiration of the 1603 Treasury Grant Program that mandated construction begin by Dec ’11, I would like to see the number of wind projects under construction.

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