Threats at Home and Abroad

At this point there is absolutely no denying that greenhouse gas emissions contribute to climate change. The effects include warmer air and sea temperatures, glacial ice melting, desertification, soil erosion, increased disease, more frequent and stronger storms, and low crop yields. So how does this affect national Security? Two words – Failed States. After the breakup of the Soviet Union, America is the only remaining super power. With no real threat from a major developed nation, America is much more vulnerable from failed states and non-state actors. Every year Foreign Policy magazine publishes the Failed States Index listing countries suffering from a breakdown of basic services and often marked with internal and external conflict. In many of these countries, large areas of land are controlled by armed groups who rule by force and often battle ill-equipped government forces for control and exploitation of the country’s natural resources. Most of the failed states have elements in common such as a young and quickly growing population, inadequate jobs and opportunity, lack of potable water and poor health care. As the populations increase, there is going to be ever more strain on the country’s resources and increased suffering among the citizens. Further more, as the political situation deteriorates, the economic situation falters as well with investors pulling their money out and looking for less risky options. When foreign direct investment falls, jobs suffer, complicating the problem of unemployment and hunger. The price of food spikes leading to crime, corruption and even terrorism. Sustainable environmental practices must be implemented in order to minimize this risk of failed states. First and foremost, developed nations must lead the switch to alternative and renewable energy to minimize CO2 emissions. Currently there are 6 billion 7 billion people on this planet but only 1 billion “high energy” users, mostly in the developed world. By 2050 there will be over 9 billion people with more than 3 billion being classified as “high energy” users. Failure to switch to renewable energy will only result in more funds being given to questionable and often hostile regimes. After looking at the list of failed states and the problems they are facing, the question we ask ourselves should no longer be “Does it pay to act sustainably?”, the real question is, “Can we afford not to?”

3 thoughts on “Threats at Home and Abroad

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